This Blog is an extension of my book Rise. In here, you’ll find a melting pot of topics that will provide ‘a-ha’ moments and broaden your mind. Poems, short stories, articles, maxims and whatnot will give you nuggets of inspiration that aim to help you Rise.

I’m a journalist and an English as a foreign language teacher. I’ve been teaching for thirty years. I speak English as fluently as I speak Portuguese, my mother tongue, and also study German. Previously, I worked as a journalist for two newspapers and have done independent work for house organs and in the television industry. My debut book, Rise, is based on my own experience coming to terms with my self-sabotage over the years. I was inspired to fight this enemy inside as I finally understood that my downfalls had not crippled but forged me. I have succeeded in making my life better by growing wings and rising. I am married with two sons, and live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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