Man on top of mountain. Conceptual design.

You feel down because you’re stuck.

You feel weak, almost like giving up. Life gets in the way every time you try.

The climb is hard, full of stumbles and falls. You run away; you’d rather abort.

You think it’s not fair that you hurt. They should stop the world.

You think you are not good enough. It’s all too much.

Yet you open the window of your mind and see a light inside.

You fear it’s just a mirage.

And that the truth is you’re selfish, not humble enough.

Don’t mind those who look down on you. They’re afraid you’ll prove them wrong.

Failures are just practice to reach your goals.

Wear them as badges of honor.  Not signs of your worth.

You will reach your place in life. Now you’re ripe for growth.

You thought your time would never come.

Spread the word: now it’s your turn.


Unleash the power in you. Reset your mind; download your hope.

You’ve reached the point of no return.

Ask not how to do it. You have the key.

All it takes is to believe!



Life goes by in the blink of an eye

You were a child some time ago

Then you turned into a teenager eager to hit the road

You became an adult, and full of hope you mapped out your goals

Nothing would get in the way of your plans

After all you ruled the world


Middle age arrived like a bullet train

You thought there wasn’t much more to entertain

Embraced old age and let fear overrun all else

You thought you’d never pick up speed again


An inner voice reminded you

It’s only over when you’re not here anymore

Until then there’s still a chance

Let courage kick in; hesitation will subside


Put the past to rest, and rekindle your passion

Decide you’ll go the distance this time

Truth is it doesn’t matter how old you are

As long as you believe, opportunities will arise


Finally it dawns on you

It’s the law of life

You don’t get what you want

Until you’re ready to face the battle


Like a butterfly leaving a cocoon

Spread your wings and fly high

If you fail, just try again


Borrow strength from those who survived worse

They’ll teach you humbleness

And give you guts


What are you waiting for?

There’s no better time

Roll up your sleeves and imagine the finish line


Wake up and welcome another day

Do it differently now, whether you’re young or old

This time just say out loud

I can!”

If Not Now, Then When?



It’s January. You’re packed with lots of plans for the year.
You won’t lose time anymore. Victories are near.

February.  You have the whole year ahead.
You got it all figured out. This time you won’t dread.

March. You promised yourself you’ll stand the heat.
It’ll be an amazing feat.

April. Time flies. You’re outlining your goals.
It’s important not to leave holes.

May. You’re not late. You’ll get it straight.
It’ll be worth the wait.

June. There are still many months to come.
You’ll play it right, it’ll be awesome.

July already. How long do you still get?
You won’t cower down anymore. Don’t fret.

August. You just have to get a move on.
It’s not like the year is gone.

September. You haven’t begun. What happened now?
Did you forget your vow?

October. Are your plans for this year dead?
No. It’s just time that sped.

November. Never mind. A new year will begin. You’ll cheer up again.
All you have to do is decide when.

December. Time for new ideas and much more. But didn’t you say that before?
You had 12 months to rock the boat. What about that time you said you’d devote?

Truth be told, this is the same old story; you’ve already wasted years.
All the more reason for you to change gears.

When do you want your dream on your doorstep? Do you know that?
Days turn into months and then years; do you wanna keep shedding tears?

What are you waiting for? Are you going to play the same music all year round?
What will it be? Rewind, replay, repeat at the background?

You lived the New Year allowing your thoughts to stray. Who’s to blame?
It takes more than just pipe dreams; you need a burning flame.

Think ten years ago, what did you know?
Think ten years from now, what will you sow?

You might be missing the mark by aiming too low.
You can grow leaps and bounds if you run the show.

If you take one step each day, it’ll more than make the grade.
In the end, you’ll smile and swell with pride; your plans will finally be laid.

“It’s not because things are difficult that we do not dare,
it’s because we do not dare that things are difficult.”
Bear this in mind, if you want something like air, you’ll make the time.
Nothing scares when we decide to make the climb.

New opportunities arise every day.
If you pay attention, one might already be on your way.

Ask yourself, what do you want?
Don’t let regrets come back to haunt.

Take the time you have at hand, wasn’t it what you planned?
Stop building castles in the air; just dare.
If not now, then when?

“It’s not because things are difficult that we do not dare,
it’s because we do not dare that things are difficult.” -Seneca




Rise No Matter What


You dread to leave your bed in the morning. You’re afraid of how the day will unfold. Life hasn’t come out as planned. You got caught up in the past and banned your hopes.
The future seems hazy and daunting. Your tunnel vision hinders a 180 degrees change with aplomb. By your own decree you fossilized your dreams; that’s how it seems.

Only you can slay all the dragons in your mind. You may not beat the demons, but you can rise in spite of them and soar. Your strengths outweigh your weaknesses; otherwise you wouldn’t be alive.

Forgive yourself for your mistakes and be humble to accept the fate. Without the pain you endure, you won’t savor the good times. The pitfalls you face are the breeding ground for the new times.

In time there will be the quitters who didn’t withstand the heat. There will be the naysayers who tried to weaken your resolve and cheat. And there will be you: The one who resurrected the faith and annihilated the doubts. Take care of your thoughts and always Rise against or despite all odds.          –Eliane Rabello




You feel something is missing in your heart of hearts.

Do you wanna know what it is, or will you turn a blind eye?

It keeps tapping you on your shoulder, whispering, “There’s more to your life.”

Ask yourself: is it fear or courage that compels you to stay where you are?


Sometimes life feels like climbing Mt. Everest in the middle of a storm.

You stumble through an impasse and fight a silent battle with yourself.

Are you ready to take a leap of faith and leave the ground?

Or do you wanna live with the regret of never having tried at all?


Deep down the masochist in you always held you down.

You felt like a prisoner in your own skin; you fed an internal tug-of-war.

Your feet cemented, you believed you were a victim of circumstance.

Every choice you made put you in the position you are.

You can’t complain.


The clouds have finally broken, and you can see the summit now.

Hope takes flight in your chest; each new victory sparks another quest.

You know where you’re headed. Time to hone your craft.


Lay your ego down. Showcase your faith, but keep humble above all.

Avoid the naysayers and frenemies; they may drain your power and spoil your plans.

Set yourself up to soar and land on your feet. Soon you’ll be moving mountains and parting seas.


Self-confidence is a tightrope. Some doubt every step of the way; others take risks and rise every time they fall.

Look to history for examples of fighters and brothers-in-arms.

Lincoln, Luther King, Edison, Einstein, and so many others who didn’t get it the first time.

They faced countless setbacks but persevered despite them all.


They say “we’re all made of the same clay but not from the same mold.”

Many survive the hardest of times; others succumb and give up.

Which one are you? The warrior or the quitter? The ball is in your court.

Life will never be fair the way you expect it to be, so take the plunge and dare to believe.

Whatever you concentrate on is what’s going to happen.

You’re stronger than you think. Before you throw in the towel, ask yourself again:

What if?

-Eliane Rabello

"We're all made of the same clay but not from the same mold."
-Mexican Proverb





When you were a child, you didn’t imagine the world was so hard.

You created scenarios and dreams seemed easy as pie.

You grew up and discovered life hits below the belt.

It pulls the rug from under your feet and makes you bleed.


You asked yourself, “What’s the point?”

Something else came along.

You got lazy and lost track of time.

You put your dream on hold; maybe one day you’d make it work.


There are things you believe you can achieve despite the odds.

Yet you don’t speak of them.

You fear some might say you can’t reach that high.

You keep a low profile; silence becomes your best friend.

You convince yourself no one has to know you think you can.


That dream you had is still at the back of your mind.

It all boils down to one question then:

How much do you want that?


Life throws you curves and tests you.

You never know how to handle the next blow.

They say steel has to be heated to the melting point before it can be tempered.

Life works the same way.

Everything you can’t understand is indeed part of the plan.


Don’t give up.

Start over.

Dawn always brings the morning light.

It’s time to turn the tables. Do you still want to fulfill that dream?

Ask yourself: how much do you want that?


The road to success is slippery.

Sometimes your efforts will lead to a dead end.

Turn back and find another exit; it might be just inches ahead.

No one can achieve success without failure.

It’s a prerequisite in life.


In time you’ll discover there are three kinds of people in the world:

Prey, survivors, and predators.

Where do you fit in the great web of life?

Is this all you want, or is that dream you had still alive?

How much do you want that? Answer that question if you dare.


It’s time to act instead of hide, believe instead of doubt.

No one can make it happen for you or prevent you from winning your prize.

Stop trying to change the past; the present is your best chance.

Step up to the fight. Use obstacles as trampolines to reach your dreams.


In the end you’ll learn that whatever your dream,

Winning depends on how long you can stand the fight.

If you want it so much, you’ll get it. Don’t lose sight.

Convince yourself you want it more than you are afraid of it.

And just keep trying till you get it right.


by Eliane Rabello in her debut book Rise.

Rise is available at :             








You are too afraid to tame this crippling fear

Of what may happen if you dare

You resign to taking a backseat

And building castles in the air


You convince yourself you’re not good enough

This is as good as it gets

You tiptoe through life, casting your dreams aside

Shutting down your plans to dare


You think it’s too risky to leave the comfort zone

And dare all alone

You prefer to believe your self-inflicted wounds 

You backed yourself into a corner, devoid of all hope

Intent on shrinking your goals


The years pass by, but you’re still restless

You backpedalled; now you wonder

What if I dare and find what I want?

You pay mind to the nagging thought: why not?

Bridging the gap between dare and forget


You’ve lived a succession of battles

Mostly fought in your inner terrain

You fabricated a gamut of excuses

Suddenly you wonder, if you were sick or leaving for good

Wouldn’t you ask yourself, Why didn’t I dare?


You still worry about those who love to find faults

They’ll ask you, “How can you dare?”

Tell them fear is your driving force

There’s no way except to fall and get up again


And when you finally dare, you feel like you’ve hit the right key

Put the car in the right gear

Steered the long boat safely to shore

It all falls into place; you were right—you can!


The time has come for you to dare

Be humble; you’ll get what you want at last

Believe; don’t accept one iota less

You have everything you need; now dare!


by Eliane Rabello